The Dragon’s Egg (One Crown & Two Thrones Book 2)

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‘A mesmerising and epic tale that pushes the very boundaries of fantasy fiction and highlights the complexities of the human soul!’

With the dark knights of Hellnuthe upon her heel, Eveline along with the aid of her guardian’s, must in a race against time, shed the cloak of her former self and journey to the island of Anglesey, to the great Wizarding School of Ravinston in order that she may pass through the stone circle and return to her world of Unas.


Across the Universe on the planet of Unas, the once strong foundations of the Northern Kingdom of Meer are crumbling as the heir, Prince Galean lies dying under the gaze of the grieving High King Ballour who must now rally those loyal to him in a bid to save the once unbreakable Kingdom from ruination. To the West in the Kingdom of Dulthe, the great merchant city of Ballor has fallen victim to a terrible rebellion, headed by the ruthless Lord Leer. To the East in the Kingdom of Galgor, the mad Prince Beon under the heavy influence of the black witch, Ethla now prepares his forces to attack the Kingdoms of Fiar and Dulthe. In secret the terrible witch now seeks the ancient bones of the black dragon, Belnun in a bid to raise him from the dead so that he may kill and devour the last remaining dragons of the north, who answer only to their dragon lord, Prince Galean.

To the east upon the island of Summe…

The High Priest of the North, Anvin has his ancient gaze upon the great stars Ungilith, Maglorn and Zuenaye, now aligning as the age old prophecy foretold; a warning that Celestine is soon to return. With the bastard child to the murdered Queen of Taer, Maethilda under his guardianship and the Splelin games about to begin, Anvin must secure the island against the threat of Taer and Galgor, the shadow of the enemy soon to cast itself over the island as the great war beckons.