The Dragon Knight: The Crimson War (The Crimson Coven Book 12)

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Elan Ravenscroft is a Dragon Knight and his father’s heir apparent. He is a battle-tested warrior and ready to defend his family and the Crimson Coven in his father’s name. He expected battle and danger when he accepted his father’s assignment to the Crimson Coven, but he did not expect to find himself face to face with his fated mate in the midst of war. He doesn’t know if he can handle both. He doesn’t know if their bond can survive an all-out paranormal war, but if he doesn’t want to lose the love of his life he has to learn to trust fate’s timing and accept the things that he cannot change.

Sorin Cuza is quiet. He is not the type of man who wears what he’s feeling on his sleeve. Sorin is a born and bred warrior determined to protect his adopted home. Crimson took him in and never made him feel like anything but family. When he meets Elan Ravenscroft, his will is tested, and his heart is nearly broken. Can Sorin and Elan piece their bond back together or will it be destroyed by the conflict raging around them? Will their love survive? Will Crimson?

War has come to Crimson’s doorstep. The actions of the Vampire Council have pushed the paranormal world to the brink of disaster, and only The Crimson Coven and its allies now stand in Fane Minea’s path. No one will escape this unscathed