SPJ: Feng Shui Dragon Large Resin Figurine Statue Sculpture Symbol for Luck & Success

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Product description:

• Dragon for the four ancient beasts of the first, on behalf of the dragon on behalf of the authority of the symbol of wealth and auspicious, to increase the auspicious gas and can enhance the power of play.

• Long feng shui in the Health and the system of evil effect, is conducive to the pressure of the villain, of disaster, suitable for administrative personnel, politicians or high-level people to use, help to increase authority.

• In modern Feng Shui, the dragon is used in addition to villain, Sheng Wang evil, the absorption of gas.

• In the home or shop, the company placed in the dragon carving, can increase the auspicious of the gas – Lucky, Tim noble, of evil, Wang Cai.

Feng Shui placement of your Dragon:

1. Place your feng shui dragon in an open space with good Chi flow.

2. Be sure your feng shui dragon is facing towards the house (to bring in the energy of wealth and prosperity) and not looking out the window, for example.

3. Do not have your feng shui dragon face a wall or place the dragon in a cramped/restricted corner of your room.

4. Avoid having the pearl in the dragon's claw facing toward the window or the door.

5. Do not place many feng shui cures too close to your dragon.

• Dragons are powerful and magical feng shui creatures with a lot of potent energy that can go either way.

• Give your feng shui dragon a lot of breathing room and treat the dragon with respect. In order to success Feng Shui, it is important.