GDEALER Solar String Lights 30LED 20ft Dragonfly Waterproof Solar Powered String Lights Fairy Lights Decorative Lighting for Landscape Patio Garden Bedroom Christmas Party Wedding Warm White (1)

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Please turn the light on and set light mode before charging.
For first use, please charge it at least 6 hours.
If temperature is less than 68°F, charging function will weaken.

Cord length: 20ft
LED quantity: 30 LED
Space between each LED: 7.5"
Solar panel voltage: 2V
Light Mode: Steady On/ Off/ Flash
Charging time: >10 hours
Working hours:6~8 hours

1.If the ground is too hard, do not twist or hammer it with force. Try to soften the ground with water and then insert into the ground. Failure to follow this may result in product damage
2.It is suggested the solar panel to be fully charged for 12h at the first use
3.The light will light up automatically at dusk and may turn off automatically when ambient light is too strong(above 15lux)
4.Turn the light on and set light mode before charging the solar power, so it will light up at dusk.

Package Includes:
1 * 20ft/30 LED Dragonfly Solar String Lights
1 * Stand
1 * Spike