Dragons Of Udora: The Complete Series (Books 1-4)

Introducing the FULL and COMPLETE BOX SET of the
HOT Sci Fi Alien Weredragon Romance series Dragons Of Udora!

She was dangerously forbidden, but this time he refused to let the past repeat itself. This time
he would take her, even if it meant his life….

The Weredragons of Udora are an alien species whose main purpose is to breed to keep their
species of half-dragons alive and restore unique powers that have been long forgotten. They have
created an unsteady alliance with the Earth to host choosing ceremonies where each alien shifter
dragon can take a human mate back to his planet and claim her as his own. As rebels come to
resent the alliance with the Earth and the way their Koth leaders are running Udora, war
threatens to spill forth and put the shifters passionate relationships, and their lives, to an end.
Follow along as both Weredragons and their independent females fight with and against one
another in a desire for love, sex, control, and war.

Another choosing ceremony is passing where the great warrior Caridan may not choose a human
mate. Caridan was scorned by the Koth government of Udora for killing a dragon during a fight
for a human female. Unable to participate in a choosing, he now serves as a warrior,
accompanying shifters to the Earth for missions and ceremonies. His body aches for a human
female. When he sees blonde and sensual Ariella Klein he has to have her, but how can he keep
their passion a secret with his enemies lurking so close?

Ariella Klein attends the choosing wishing to return to Udora not as a mate, but as one of select
few scientists. Unthinkably, she is chosen by a brutish, sensual azure-scaled dragon and to her
shock and dismay, her gorgeous sister is not. She refuses to fall in love with a shifter, but will
she be able to resist her primal urges?

With alien shifters out for his blood, the newly chosen pair must do whatever it takes to keep
their affair a secret. Will Caridan be able to keep Ariella and himself safe from his fierce

Book #1- Caridan
Book #2- Haden
Book #3- Galsthenn
Book #4- Sigusvult

This is the complete box set for Dragons Of Udora Standalone Series.
All books in this page-turning SciFi Weredragon romance series can be read as Standalones, there are
no cliffhangers, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

Note: Adults Only!