Dragon’s Child (The Bloodline Series) (Volume 1)

  • Claudia Gray Discusses Writing Leia At Different Ages and Writing Breha Organa for the First Time!
  • Fool Child - Dragon Blood (Official Video)
  • Blood, the Bible, the Watchers and Aliens, RH Negative RH Positive The Mystery and Secrets (Part1)
  • Skyrim - ASCENSYON Ep78 In the Beginning | The Children Fair
  • The Anunnazi Connection (FULL)
  • The Merovingian Dynasty: Santinic Bloodline of the Anti-Christ
  • BLOODLINE OF THE ANTICHRIST (program 1 of 2)
  • The Windsor/Bush Bloodline [David Icke] (FTF Films)
  • The Anunnaki Series S1E7: Legacy of Quetzalcoatl
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The year is 2288. A virus creeps through DownCity. Swift. Deadly. The disease is bred through a growing gang of vampire monsters – Infectids who nosh on human hosts both to feed and spread their viral control over the city. Trace Alden was a cop until he lost his beloved Gloria to the Infectids. Drinking to borderline insanity, his only salvation was to become a Hunter – Neither bounty hunter, nor cop, but a licensed killer. Alden works above the law to eradicate the now organized group of Infectids that look to rid the world of the human pollutant. He must not only fight the terrors in the city but his horrors from within. Goji has wandered through mystic memories all of her 18 years of life. Barely controlling powers she has yet to understand, she rules the alleys taking on as many monsters with her special abilities as she can. Her only link to her past and who she really is are the brief, ancient memories that come to her in her sleep. Haunted by messages she cannot interpret, Goji’s biggest struggle is to quell the monster inside of her. Unwillingly paired, the aging ex-cop and the young vigilante are sent to end the diseased scourge and ancient monster that leads them. If the demons on the street don’t get them, their demons from within will.