Dragon Protector

Dragon Shifter Romance
Kayla never thought that her life in the spot light would bring along with it real danger. She also never expected to need a shapeshifter bodyguard, so when both those things happen her life is thrown into total disarray…

The whole world loves me, I'm a pop star, beloved by all…
Except some people love me a little too much. I don't know why the strange man on the Internet has become obsessed with me, but I'm pretty sure that it isn't anything to worry about. I certainly don't think that I need a personal bodyguard.
That is until Hex comes along, and my whole world is turned upside down…
Running, always running… that's what I seem to do best.
I left home to escape a failed romance with another dragon shapeshifter, and now I'm floating through life, refusing to get hurt by anyone.
Until Kayla.
No one will tell her the truth. Everyone seems to assume that she's too fragile, but I disagree. If no one will tell her about the man who has been stalking her, then how will she know how much danger she is in?
As long as I don't fall for her, as long as I keep these unexpected feelings in check, I might just about be able to save her life…

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** A standalone short story with guaranteed HEA. ** This is a full-length hot and steamy dragon shapeshifter romance filled with mature contents and flaming HOT love scenes, intended for 18+ eyes only!