20×22 in. Larissa Kulik Dragonfly

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My main focus is in computer graphics I strive to continually develop in this direction. My art is a mixture of photography and painting in Photoshop using the tablet. In my work there are a lot of different mechanisms and audiences often ask what it means. I'm trying to show the relationship of all that surrounds us, because there are no coincidences in this world. If I use a rope it is merly a metaphor for telling stories and connecting them into a single plot. Any seeming randomness is an unexplored regularity. The world is much more complicated than people can comprehend, and much easier than what one creates in their own mind. Sometimes all the clues are staring us straight in the face. My work is the result of fantasy, but not with synthetic plot. I sincerely rejoice when the viewer understands what I am expresing in my work! I draw inspiration from music, art, literature and the history of world culture. In my paintings I am trying to discover somthing yet unkown through associative images. Modern technology allows opportunities for an artist realize their most fantastic ideas. This opens up new horizons for creativity. Digital art is now recognized as a medium not only among artists, but spectators and connoisseurs of visual arts. I hope that the meeting with the heroes of my art will not leave the viewer indifferent, but rather will move them to come to me again and again to see the continuation of my stories.